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Eclipse Plugin UROP

During the summer of 2016 I created an eclipse plugin for the ART Parser Generator, created by the Center for Software Language Engineering, Royal Holloway, University of London.

The project was described as:

You will be working directly under Adrian Johnstone’s supervision, with input from Elizabeth Scott and Thomas van Binsbergen, who is developing a semantics backend for ART that we would also like to access from the plugin. Apart from learning a great deal about language development and meta-programming which will be very helpful if you decide to purse our third year course (CS3480 Software Language Engineering) you will also learn how to build plugins for Eclipse which is a marketable skill that will add to your CV.

There were 2 main outputs of the project:

  • The plugin itself
  • Instructions on how to make plugins, as this is not well documented, these are being put on my blog

The plugin currently works on Eclipse on any of the 3 main operating systems (Linux, Windows and Mac), athough it is more thoroughly tested on Linux than the other two.